Fate Accel/Zero Order, Part 6: Rokumon


Lets continue the blitzing!

I was briefly distracted by the debut of Hololive EN, but I got back to it right on time.

Ninomae best girl


Laugh, and the world laughs with you

Man, this is probably the happiest Waver has ever been. Fate really hates giving the protagonists unambiguously happy endings, doesn’t it?

Dark iri looking like a snack tho

“I shall annihilate all evil” says woman who is radiating anger and hatred, and looks like an Alter, and has black and red coloring, and is literally called “Dark”. A lesson in never judging a book by its cover, kids.

Fade away happy

This event was good for Diarmuid. He gets to fade away happily, knowing he died fighting honorably and for a good cause. Very different from his death in the original fate/Zero, which he did not deserve.
The butchering of his character with Saber Diarmuid was….well…uhh…yeah.

Angry mango

Angra Mainyu and Archer EMIYA are intrinsically linked in my Chaldea. If I get a copy of one, the other is sure to follow – they are both at NP4. Though I only actually invested in EMIYA….. Happily, that faith in him was justified with JP buffing him to high heaven. Once I get that NP5, I may grail him to 90. Unlimited Blade Works is the coolest damn thing ever.

God I wish I could flirt more

Type-Moon is cruel. One of the only times in FGO where we get to unambiguously flirt with someone and its with one of the very few female Servants who won’t reciprocate that since they care about someone else.

Prepare for Gilfest coming tomorrow, my brothers.

I won’t be doing my blog series for that – I’m aiming for a 100 boxes, and I need to get my farm on.

I’ll let you know in a post-mortem article whether I succeeded.

Signing off,




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