[Epic Seven] ML Krau Has AoE Horse?!


Last Rider Krau: First Impressions

He’s on his way to the live servers, and will arrive on the 17th, available on the next Mystic Summons rotation.

Last Rider Krau brings a bit of everything: great scaling damage, AoE Barriers, and most importantly? An AoE Horse Bike!

He’s a 5 Light Knight with really good base stats (same as his counterpart). In order to get the most out of his abilities, we’ll want to build him tanky, and I mean really tanky.


Attack → 839
Health → 6405
Defense → 752
Speed → 100
Critical Hit Chance → 15%
Critical Hit Damage → 150%
Effectiveness → 0%
Effect Resistance → 18%
Dual Attack Chance → 5%

As every other tank, great defensive base stats. You’ll want him to be around for a good amount of turns. We’ll see why in a minute.

Imprint Release

His imprint release will be Critical Hit Chance % to the back and bottom positions (17,4% at SSS). Quite handy to reach those last few points for the 100% chance in your damage dealers. As we all know, 99% chance is always 50-50, right?

Imprint Concentration

At SSS he’ll gain 18% Health for himself. Really appealing for any tank and even more for him, as he’ll scale off Health with his skills. Unless you absolutely need the Critical Hit Chance in your team, you’ll be picking this over the Imprint Release.


S1 Punishment: Attacks the enemy with a swordstorm, before increasing Speed of the caster for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

An Increase Speed buff is not usually found on an S1, so this looks interesting right from the start. He’ll be increasing his own speed almost every turn, on Dual Attacks and on Counter Attacks if you decide to build him on a Counter Set or with Elbris Ritual Sword.

S2 Code Number 00: After suffering an attack that targets all allies, decreases the caster’s skill cooldown by 1 turn and grants a barrier to allies for 1 turn. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. Barrier effect can only be activated once per turn.

This passive is excellent, as it makes his kit a lot more reliable and an absolute threat against any team with frequent AoEs (hello SSB). In the video SG showed us seemed like the barrier was not that big, but the fact of granting it to the whole team is a plus, whatever the size of it (a bit over 10% of max Health at +5)

Something huge to point out is that the only effect that can be activated once per turn is his Barrier, so his cool-downs will be decreased by 1 every single time he’s hit by an AoE ( SSB, counter Dizzy, etc.)

S3 Mobile Weapon Ziegfried: Summons Ziegfried and attacks all enemies, before granting immunity to all allies for 2 turnsPenetrates Defense, but cannot trigger a critical hit. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. Damage dealt increases every time this skill is used and can stack up to 3 timesCooldown: 7 turns (6 at +3)

AoE Horse! I mean… bike? Yes, he summons Ziegfried and rushes towards the enemy team, penetrating 100% of Defense. Damage increases by 20% for each use, up to 60%. This is why I said you’ll want to have him around for a while. He’ll shine in longer fights where he can demolish your opponents with deadly S3s.

Should you pull?

He’s very promising. At first sight, looks like a highly contested pick in RTA, as he can reduce good amounts of damage (mostly if you give him Aurius/Adamant Shield), provide Immunity to your entire team and deal absurds amounts of AoE damage in long, sweaty fights. Did someone say Bruiser meta? Yes, he fits perfectly.

I’d say absolutely go for it. If you don’t like the design or aren’t a huge Bruiser play-style fan, you may want to wait for what looks like ML Sigret next month. No guarantees though!

Check Shotgun Shogun’s opinion on him!


If he lives up to the hype, he’ll be a nightmare to deal with. In tanky team-comps (which are the usual these days) he’ll wear you down slowly while providing exceptional support to his team.

You’ll want to build him really bulky (22-25k Health + 1200-1500 Defense) with decent Speed (190-220). No need for effectiveness or Crit multipliers, so not that hard to gear either.

Check Shotgun Shogun’s video to know a bit more on how to build him and viable Artifacts, plus the exact numbers he’ll be doing.

What do you think? Will you pull for him? I sure am!


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