[Epic Seven] Dingo, an Off-Meta Jewel You are Sleeping On!


Hello fellow E7 players! Today we’ll take a look at a not so popular yet one of my favourite heroes in the roster: Dingo, a.k.a. Fire Charles!

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Decreases skill cool-downs

Increases Critical Hit Chance by 50% for the team


Gains extra turns

Cleanses every debuff on the team

Inflicts bleed

Inflicts burn to bleeding targets

Dingo is a Fire Warrior  (but most importantly, a chef) with a very interesting set of skills. He can bleed, burn and dispel debuffs for your entire team! He can be used in almost every piece of content with decent success, though not BiS (best in slot) in any of them.

Dingo brings a kitchen knife, a Thanos-like glove and a burning personality, alongside a desperate need for new ingredients to make new recipes. What can go wrong?

Stats (fully awakened):

ATK → 957
DEF → 592
HP → 5057
Speed → 112
Crit Ch% → 23%
Crit Dmg% → 150%
Effectiveness → 18%
Effect Resist → 0%
Dual Attack Ch% → 5%

For a Warrior, he’s on the squishy side, with an awful 592 base Defence and poor Atk (957). However, his Speed is okay (112) and comes with 18% built-in Effectiveness which will come handy because of his bleeds and burns. Later on we’ll see some possible builds, but for now, let’s take a look at his skills.

Memory Imprint

Imprint Release

Dual Attack Chance 0.7%
Dual Attack Chance 1.0%
Dual Attack Chance 1.4%
Dual Attack Chance 1.7%
Dual Attack Chance 2.1%
Dual Attack Chance 2.5%
As unimpactful as it seems, a Dual Attack chance improvement can certainly win you a fight. Also, it’s a team-wide buff, so by having an SSS imprint, you’ll have a total of +7.5% overall. Not amazing and RNG-heavy, but useful in some situations.

Imprint Concentration

Critical Hit Chance +4.20%
Critical Hit Chance +6.30%
Critical Hit Chance +8.40%
Critical Hit Chance +10.50%
Critical Hit Chance +12.60%
Critical Hit Chance +14.70%
With SSS Imprint Concentration, Dingo has a 73% Critical Hit Chance BASE, taking into account his S3 buff and awakenings. This means that, if you’re planning on making a Damage-oriented Dingo, you’d only have to invest 27% Crit Ch in gear in order to reach 100%. Extremely appealing, as you could direct your gear substats towards more offensive stats, such as Atk% or Crit Dmg%.


S1 Prep Ingredients: Cuts the enemy with a cleaver, with a 40% (max 50%) chance to inflict bleeding for 2 turns. Afterwards, there’s a 30% chance to activate Quick Grill (S2)
Soul Burn (20 souls): Grants an extra turn

This ability makes Dingo an RNG slave, as he can activate his S2 every time he uses S1. With the possibility of Soul-burning for extra turns, he can S1-S2 twice or thrice dealing absurd amounts of damage (if built as a pure Damage Dealer) and/or inflicting several debuffs on the enemy team (if built as a support Damage Dealer/Bruiser). A really interesting side of S1 is that it activates S2 off Counterattacks and Dual Attacks.

S2 Quick Grill: Attacks all enemies with the Glove Oven, recovering caster’s HP. When the enemy is bleeding, has a 75% (max 100%) chance to inflict burn for 2 turns. Amount recovered increases proportional to damage dealt. Cool-down 4 turns (3 turns at +4)

Dingo’s AoE. It deals decent damage and recovers his own HP, making him quite self-sufficient. Healing scales off damage dealt, so if Atk is not high, he won’t be getting a lot of health back.
The important part is that it burns enemies that are bleeding with a 100% chance with some molagora investment, so even though his own bleed is not that reliable, he can take advantage of allies’ bleedings.

S3 Free Dinner: Provides all allies with a meal, dispelling all debuffs and increasing Critical Hit Chance for 2 turns and decreasing his own and allies’ cool-downs by 1 turn. Grants the caster an extra turn. Every time an enemy dies, the cool-down for this skill decreases by 1 turn.    Cool-down 6 turns (5 turns at +2).

Dingo’s S3 makes him a great support, as he can cleanse ALL debuffs from allies, while providing Crit Ch% (+50%) buff for 2 turns, allowing your other Damage Dealers to build just 50% Crit Ch% and focusing on another stat.
At +1, Dingo can provide a bunch of souls for your team, and at +2, he can rotate this skill along his Soul-burned S1 to reach maximum potential. You’ll have to be aware of your allies’ cool-downs if you want to exploit this ability as much as possible.

Skill enhancements

Go for +2 on S3 for the CD reduction and the extra soul first. Next, max S2 for the 100% burn chance and extra damage (which will help with the healing). S1 is optional, as the bleed chance goes up by only 10%. Extra damage is always useful, of course, but I’d avoid it on a Support Dingo.

Building Dingo

Dingo is very stat-hungry, as his base stats are not the greatest. It’s extremely difficult to tailor his gear to have some kind of survivability while dealing good damage or high effectiveness.

Here I present two possible builds that I used but are, by no means, ultimate 100% perfect guides. Feel free to provide a different take on this character.

Pure Damage

For a damage-focused Dingo you’ll need high Atk, preferably with good Crit Dmg%, so he can hurt badly with both S1 and S2. This is the build I used when I started the game to walk my dogs (Farmer) and worked wonders. The only issue is if you’re impatient, as his S3 will reset constantly and take forever to cast. If you don’t mind, then he’ll be able to deal good damage while having good sustain.

Early game farmer

Atk → 3000+
Crit Ch% → 50% (+50% from S3)
Crit Dmg% → 250%+
Speed → 150+
Effectiveness → As much as  you can get

Draco’s Plate if you’re aiming for Crit Dmg%, which would also raise his survival.
Portrait of Saviours if you’re going for full-on Damage/Cleave Dingo.
Exorcist’s Tonfa if you don’t have Portrait.

Survivability is not worth mentioning. It’s enough if he can one-shot waves with S2 or out-sustain them with his rotations.

Viable sets include
Lifesteal/hit (Abyss gear works fine),
Speed/Hit (with good offensive substats)

Generally, Neck is Crit Dmg%, Ring is Atk% and Boots are either Speed or Atk% main stats.

The reason why I’m stressing HIGH ATK so much is because both his debuffs (Bleeding and Burn) scale off Atk. Bleeding hits for 30% Atk ignoring 70% Defence, while Burn hits for 60% Atk ignoring the same Defence.
*Adventurer Path’s Atk set works fine if you’re just starting.

With this build I climbed to Gold in Arena, using Dingo as a Cleaver. Not recommended though, but the info may be useful for some of you fans out there.

Support/Secondary Damage Dealer

This Dingo will serve more as a cleanser/buffer than a Damage Dealer. Ideally, he should have good Speed to rotate his abilities quicker and good survivability, alongside high effectiveness if possible. On a team, he could cleanse everyone while buffing Crit Ch% for your main Damage Dealer, plus some bonus debuffs.

Mid/Late game support

Atk: 2200+
Def: 1300+
HP: 13000+
Speed: 200+
Effectiveness: As much as possible. 75% is a good number

Proof of Valor for a tanky approach. Sepulcrum can work too
Junkyard Dog for extra burns
Crimson Seed/Timeless Anchor to have an undebuffable, cleanse machine Dingo.
Durandal to rotate turns faster
Creation and Destruction for meme endless S3.
(NOT TESTED) Cradle of Life for multiple debuffs on S1

Viable sets include

Generally, Boots should be Speed. Neck and Ring are open to change, but a combination of survival + effectiveness and some Atk.

PvP vs. PvE

As previously mentioned, Dingo is a great early game farmer, just limited by element disadvantage when facing water-element stages.
In Labyrinth (Raid) he works fine against debuff-heavy bosses, though Angelic Montmorancy is usually a better cleanser.

In the recently added content, Expeditions, I’ve found him pretty good but not meta-defining. He can provide decent AoE with S2 while cleansing Poisons with S3, though not lots of debuffs since the boss is extremely resistant.

As regards PvP, he can be your Cleaver during early ranks but will fall off hard later on. If you so desire to keep on using him, he works fine as a fast cleanser/buffer to counter popular debuffers such as Dizzy or Basaar.


Dingo is great in almost every team composition, as he can help both Damagers and Healers or be a Damager himself due to his wide variety of resources. A -1 cooldown on an important skill can decide the result of a long fight, as much as a burst heal can turn the tides of it.

I personally still use him from time to time in PvP to have a breath of fresh air, and in Expeditions.

If you have him, give him a chance! If you use him, share your thoughts and/or builds. Let’s give anti-meta characters a huge spotlight!

*Images have been borrowed from epic7x.com

About the author: TopoFace

Long time Epic 7 player, All-time video-games fan. EU ign: Ruugren.



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