Not-so-Daily Blog #53 – Climbing a mountain


Slowly, conserving my energy.

Azur Lane
Seriously serious stuff

Take a good look at this image, beautiful isn’t it? this is the reward for every player to celebrate the sales of the Essex Party dress, though it matches the Japanese servers reward for hitting #1 on the Google Play store I’m not about to stare into the mouth of this generous gift horse.

With the end of the Shinano event, I can resume hard PR grinding, well, after I sort out this little Eskimo girl who has appeared.

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Fate Grand Order
Stubbed toes

Taking into account that I’m still kinda lumbering through without a real direction I’m not doing too badly, that and the early game seems fairly easy, though I found myself stomped by a random node that even smashed my lv140 support unit, probably should have paid more attention to that!

Commie Bears

This is something I’ve been waiting for after seeing it mentioned on the Chinese Twitter, free Vulcan/Indra Operators, for those not familiar, Vulcan and Indra, 2 operators in Arknights are Recruit only, which relies on random tags being selected and the rate gods smiling on your tags, as much as I appreciate the pity system for these characters, it also kind of devalues them, no longer being lucky dip prizes.

Was there ever any doubt that I would immediately smash Bagpipe straight to M3? of course not!

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E7 looks kinda fun, I’ll probably queue it up after FGO, if I ever choose to drop it that is

Art of the day!
Indra from Arknights by unkown!


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