Not-so-Daily Blog #52 – Bog of Eternal Rate-up


That reference though!

Azur Lane
Salty wounds

Through the course of the last few months, I have pulled a lot of daft luck out of my hat– pulling both Z2 and “other” from the same 10 pull. But, Shinano really put me in my place. I stand at 230 rolls, and the only copy I’ve had has been the pity reward (many salts).

The great gacha draw has been strong with AL. Recently, it’s taken a whole chunk of my time, but it has slowly tapered off over the last few weeks as the current event dwindles. Though I realized today that there was an MK3 Bulin in the rewards. (Probably should get on that).

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Fate Grand Order
How many Umu?

Taking my overall neglect of the series into account, I have picked up a bit of knowledge from a few things, real basic stuff like Padoru and Umu. I was always steering away from using the jokes and memes since I didn’t really digest the context and it felt kinda wrong? (Silly meme morals).

Although, I’m not sure if I’m still in the tutorial section of the game. The plot has been slathered on like butterscotch syrup and I am lapping it up, spoon in hand. I had known of Mash, but never her story or the deal with the huge shield. I am but a fledgling summer child, please be gentle.

Png Party

Cast your mind back to the last CC. No, really– because I seemingly can’t as I failed to scrape passed CC6 on any given map, although this may be due to my decreased game knowledge (as it slips more and more into a daily-auto-grind). I forget how a few things work and tend to jump on guides, readily available as they are.

That said, the next event looks to be dripping with content and some good Ursus backstory. I have my tissues ready!

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Let it be known that I dragged an old laptop to my workplace for this post. I love you guys that much!

Art of the day!
Nitocris from FGO by TRY

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