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The Revengeining!

Azur Lane
Still sailing

So it’s been a while since I’ve been here, no huge reason, just not posted but with a few changes on the horizon and the end of the world having a higher chance than rolling Shinano I thought “What better time to get back to posting!”

The last few months on Azur Lane have been a doozy, the 2nd anniversary for the EN server was great fun, then the 3rd anniversary for the CN/JP server just blew it out of the water with a sheer mass of content, a huge event, and the first UR Gacha ship, Shinano, with what I believe is the first pity system I’ve seen on Azur Lane, guaranteed Shinano after 200 rolls, which yes, takes an immense investment, but it at least its a glimmer of hope for the unlucky few, like me.

Then over in my constant battle with the PR Ship system, I’m now over halfway into the 3rd wave, with Drake joining Champagne and Cheshire, leaving just Mainz and Odin to go!

Fate Grand Order
Yes, you read that right

That’s right, I’m on FGO, this was no easy choice though, over the last few months I have dabbled with the “Third game syndrome”, I may have made that term up, anyway, between the Docks of Azur Lane and Arknights Rhodes Island, I have a very occasional space for a third game, this has been filled with several games, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters, Girls Frontline, Grand Alliance and Yugioh, for one reason or another, each falls from favour and I jump to something else.

That brings us to FGO, arguably the biggest gacha game on the market and one I’ve never played oddly enough, my knowledge of FGO is limited to memes, doujin, and skimmed knowledge, I know who Saber is but have no idea why there are 5 of her now and I know who Astolfol is, but then, who doesn’t.

So after a discussion with a buddy on the Discord I chose to give it a try, which being in the UK was difficult enough, but y’know, internet, within 10 mins it was downloaded and I was in. The combat, attack stacking is interesting and the animation is super pretty, I netted Tama Cat from my first free-roll who has been carrying me from the first area, so far it’s good!

Scotland the Brave

Things over at Rhodes Island have been a lot slower, we’ve had a few events and the 2nd round of CC but the rewards from these are always quite lack-luster only really offering basic Operator tokens and a small selection of resources.

Then again, we got Bagpipe, who I love, forward-pointing horns, a tartan skirt, and a Gunlance, sheer perfection!

The game for me has devolved into a level up simulator, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it and will still play every day, I appreciate the high level of thinking to optimize the end-game stages and the character design is still amazing, I just wish I could do more every day, but that may be a blessing in disguise!

Things are definitely a bit up in the air at the moment across the globe, no one would blame you in you wanted to bury your head in some gacha games!

Art of the day!
Bagpipe from Arknights by K0NG_


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