A brand New Disgaea game!


Thats right folks, you heard and read me right! We finally have a brand new Disgaea game after 6 long years! They announced it not too long ago at the Nintendo Direct held on September 17th, 2020. We do not have much information, but lets share what we do have!

So what do we know?

“The first new Disgaea game in six years is here! Meet Zed, a zombie that has risen above them all except one – a God of Destruction! Can a mere Netherworld zombie rise up and destroy a god? Features such as Super Reincarnation, 3D visuals (a first for this series), and adjustable gameplay settings make this the perfect game for both new and old Disgaea fans!” This is really the only block of news that the world knows of this game sadly. I do have to say I am pretty happy with the graphics of the game.

What are our hopes?

Well considering that they have been working on this game for 6 years; My personal hope is that we can still have the same fun RPG aspect that they offered as well as new mechanics that will make the game stand out as a whole. I really do love the updated graphics as well as the few new characters they have already introduced to the world. So they are already doing a good job as it is; I just hope they can keep that going and not stop. So here are some more pictures from the game down below!

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