FGO (JP) – A new wave of Buffs!


Another batch of Interludes for me to analyse and judge. So yeah, haven’t been writing articles in a while and I’m sorry, it has been busy lately for me regarding family life, sickness, and soon enough college life. Man, it’s gonna be a stressing time, especially with college and the whole COVID situation we’re still in. Anyways, we’re gonna be analysing the new batch of interludes that Delightworks have released for some favourite servants of mine, and just to let you all know, these are really good buffs.

Shuten Doji (Assassin)

Stage 1

Upgrade: Skill 3: Oni’s Head EX: Increased Guts effect + Added NP Charge.

A small but major buff in my opinion. Whilst the Guts now provides 4000 maximum health once she hits 0 hp, it also provides a 30% NP charge. This is at maxed skill level by the way. The reason why this is major is the fact that you can now easily perform NP loops now with Shuten. She is able to do so in the past before this buff, but now with this buff? She now can effectively do NP loops, all without you messing up by accident.

Overall, a really nice buff to Shuten and her NP looping power.

Suzuka Gozen

Stage 1

Upgrade: Supernatural Power (JK) B+: Increases own Buster performance for 3 times, 3 turns.
Increases own critical star generation rate for 3 turns. Increases own critical damage for 3 times, 3 turns.

I laughed at this one, not because of how good Suzuka’s buff is, but the name of it. JK power. Swear, they should add a new animation for her in which when she uses this skill she does a pose and shouts JK power! Anyways, a lot of changes for this skill for our favourite fox Saber.

Firstly, her Buster performance which use to be a 1-turn effect can now be triggered 3 times in a turn. A bit of a nerf that one part, but gotta find a way to balance the new stuff she got she also got huh? Anyways, as well as receiving changes to her Buster Performance, her critical star generation has also bd to 3 turns. This makes gathering critical stars a lot easier now for Suzuka. Both skill stats haven’t changed much, but what has changed for Suzuka is the addition of a critical damage booster that can be used 3 times in the duration of 3 turns.

What this means for Suzuka is that now when you’re critical striking, the critical damage output is increased. Meaning you’re just hitting things a lot harder now, which I love about this new upgrade for Suzuka.

Atalanta (Alter)

Stage 2

Upgrade: Demonic Evolution EX; Increases own critical star absorption for 1 turn.
Gains critical stars. Increases own critical damage of Buster Cards for 1 turn. 

The upgrade given to our favourite Neko archer gone rogue is something that I didn’t expect, given her role as a Quick damage-dealing servant. For starters, as well as having the effectiveness of her Critical Star Absorption and the number of critical stars she gains increased from 10 to 20, she also gains a 1-turn critical damage booster on Buster Cards only. This upgrade got me scratching my head, cause like, isn’t Atalanta Alter a Quick-servant but in Berserker form? Then this upgrade would target more her Quick cards

As I said, this is an upgrade that I wasn’t expecting to be. Yet, it’s a nice upgrade for Atalanta Alter nonetheless.


Stage 2

Upgrade: Golem Keter Malkuth EX; Deals damage to all enemies, Increases own NP damage for 1 turn. (Activates first), Increases party’s NP generation rate for 3 turns.

This small upgrade for Avicebron is aimed to increase his NP’s damage output, which is a nice and fair upgrade for him. Every time I use him whether its Na or JP, I always feel like his damage is a bit… lacklustre. Like it’s just basically a bug bite but AoE. Now with this fine NP damage buff to him, he’ll hopefully bring a lot more pain, if not a little bit more pain than usual. This buff would also make him more viable for farming too, but he’s still very good for what he offers.

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