Magia Record EN server will be closing down on 9/29


In late August. Players of the Magia Record EN server received a message saying that the servers will be closing on September 29th,2020, with little explanation why.

The company set up a few small events to keep players entertained until the server goes down. One was a “Mitama’s special training” which has ended. It was followed by a Ranked Mirrors event which will last until the end of the server.

One of the major reasons people are speculating for the fall of the game was that Magia Record rapidly churned out events, with no breaks in between. With events happening all the time, a new 4* would be available for each event, which scared whales away. While they did slow down eventually, it was too far gone. The Magia record Anime may have helped curious new players, but they usually weren’t whales. 

The game will live on in the Japanese version of the game, so if someone wants to jump threw a few hoops, they can start the JP server at ground zero. There is no way to transfer the EN data to the JP game.

Overall it’s sad that any game would shut down, particularly with such a good brand attached to it. Play until the game is over. Or not and just jump to JP, which is still thriving on its 3rd year anniversary.

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