Fate/Accel Zero Order Log, Part Five: Quintet Fire


I spent some time bumrushing the latter half of this event, because, as it turns out, I was a bit TOO easy with the pace I was going.

Are we technically Counter Guardians?

I always find it strange how the Counter Force is depicted as this thing that’s necessary but monstrous. Every counter guardian we’ve seen basically hates their role as said guardian.

Let the voice of love take your higher

Kiritsugu is in love and hasn’t even realized it. Poor sod. Maybe one day we’ll get an event where he finally gets his peace and happiness. Because this man deserves it.

Waver is dumbo

Iskandar is arrogant and very self-assured, but he’s ultimately a good guy here. A very slight case of whitewashing what he was like, but it serves a narrative purpose.

Local homunculus is surprised that trying to play god went very wrong

Ah, sweet Irisviel. You should really know that attempting to rewrite reality is a terrible idea.

King Hassan was mentioned this far back, huh?

This is the first we hear of King Hassan, considering this event came out before Camelot in the original run. We did not know how cool and badass he would end up being.

Iskandar is REALLY nice here

The meaning of life, huh. In my opinion, there’s no inherent meaning to existence, so it’s on us as people to make that meaning for ourselves. It’s a huge responsibility, but through that responsibility lies freedom.

I’ll see you real soon with the final update for this event.

Gilfest is coming up.

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