Fate/Accel Zero Order Log, Part 4 – Fourth Rebel


Fate/Grind Order comes into full play, as this event, being one of the earlier ones really starts showing with its annoying grinding structure. The missions and like 9 different currencies is a pain and I’m glad they never repeated that.

So, onto the progress made.


Bro of the Cursed Arm has reached max level. You never got to see his good sides in the original Fate/Stay Night, and boy does FGO deliver in making him an empathetic, likeable character. I’m glad he’s a bonus for this event, and I’m happy to use him.

mmmm Abs

Next, I also managed to level the abs-tastic absassin, Hundred Faces. Her kit is slightly unusual, but he Np gain is – who am I kidding, I raised her for those glorious abs. She really needs more entries on a certain archiving site that uses six-digit codes for their individual logs.

mini mongrel

Lastly, the tiny King of Heroes. A very basic kit and animations, and he’s long overdue a strengthen and animation update.

Like father, like daughter

Much like how we command Masherker to destroy, and how she just goes on rampages whenever we get too close to another female Servant, Kariya commands Berserker to go on rampages. The King of Heroes is nothing but a zasshu compared to this might.

And that’s that for today, I’m just taking my time with this event, since I already have Irisiviel.

I’ll see you in the next one.

Signing off,


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