Fate/Accel Zero Order Log, Part 3: Third Impact


I’ve given up on just skipping through the story. Nostalgia too powerful, I’m just reading this event now.

Waver is such a great character, I’m glad we get to see more of him in a positive light in this event.

Gil, in Babylonia: So that was a lie

It’s really understandable why Waver does what he does. Everyone has something in their past they’d really like undone, and while technically Waver is not changing his past, he feels like he’s done something.

God, I wish I had that opportunity sometimes…

BEGONE GOBLIN! Mordred is better anyway

I take great pleasure in repeatedly beating up this vile creature. It’s just a pity she doesn’t end up being the final boss. Gods I loathe her.

At least Irisviel is cute

The saving grace is how ADORABLE Irisviel is throughout this whole thing. I low-key want to cuddle her.
Gib me a real life Irisviel, DW. Or at least this parka as a costume for her.

The story continues on as I play.

I’ll meet you all in the next update.

Signing off,


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