[Epic Seven] Largest RTA Tournament To Date!


Shotgun Shogun September Showdown

That’s right! Coming up this month we’ll be having the biggest tournament to date in Epic Seven.

It’s going to be held by our good friend, the Shotgun Shogun! But he won’t be alone, as he’ll be joined by Cafe Kaz and Deity, two of the most popular streamers in the community.

Now, why the largest?

A lot of the top Legend and Champion players have signed in to battle for $1.000 in prizes! An absolutely huge amount.

For now, 31 names have already been decided, But as there were so many sign-ups, the remaining spot will be decided two weeks ahead of time this Saturday 5th, on ANOTHER tournament!

Champion’s Cup

This is how important that last spot is! A whole other tournament that will decide who’s worthy of sitting on the 32nd spot: The Dark Horse. Save the date! September 5th. That’s tomorrow!

Here’s the bracket:


First battles are going to be settled on Bo1 (Best of One). You lose, you’re out.

After that, matches will be Bo3 (Best of Three), giving players a little more room to adapt to circumstances if necessary. Plus, they’ll have some information from watching the rest of the matches.

Once we reach the finals, it will be decided on an intense, sweaty Bo5 (Best of Five), where we’ll see the heavy-hitters, those who were blessed by RNG endured enough to earn the place.

Winner will have the opportunity to show his worth on THE BIGGEST tournament in two weeks, the Shotgun Shogun September Showdown!

For further information, visit the videos on Shogun’s channel, where he joins Deity to discuss competitors’ play-styles, their best Heroes, and more!

Who are you cheering for? Share your favourites!


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