Fate Accel Zero Order Log, Part 2: Second Impact


I’ve made good progress in this event. I’d forgotten it had that little gimmick where you had to buy the better farming nodes through the use of the special currencies in this event.

I’m saving my apples for Gilfest, so I’m just going off natural AP so far. Grab as many of the mats from the shop as is feasible and have a good time.

A face a mother could love

Much like the Apocrypha event where we got to see Sieg with more personality, we actually get to see Kayneth as more than an antagonist here. He’s not a bad character at all, and he adds some humor in when needed.


Gilles however seems forever destined to be an enemy no matter the scenario, especially in F/Zero, where he very much murdered too many children.

Shirou and Archer all over again

And here we have the grand Fate tradition of people loathing their past selves all over again. Waver Velvet, never change.

I’ll be farming on as the days go by, and I’ll see you later.

Signing off,

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