Fate Accel Zero Order Log, Part 1: First Clause


And so, the Accel Zero event rerun is on us.

This event is what I started the game with. I actually booted up FGO for the first time three days before this event started running, and it was my first “real” experience with FGO. The nostalgia is running high…..

Man, I used saint quartz revives for some of the battles back then, but I persevered and managed to NP5 Irisviel back then, even with my woefully unprepared team. Hans, Mata Hari, Ushi, and Marie were my saviors.

And now, I am back, with what is essentially a highly overpowered team ready to steamroll this story and show it who is boss.


I decided to invest a bit into the units that give a bonus for this event. They are all at final ascension at least, so it was simply a question of giving them a few skill-ups and as many levels as my ember stock allowed. And for once, I am glad I have Angra…the +1 to every single class coin drop is blessed.

He takes to you real quick huh

I generally enjoy events which have currency bonuses for certain servants, or encourage you to change up the teams you normally use. I have a policy of max levelling every singly servant I have, and I like to use different teams every now and then.

Setsubun was great for me, despite people not liking the gimmick all that much, because I am not a fan of using the same teams over and over and over. Some gameplay variety is very welcome, especially in a game that is as simple as Fate/Grand Order.

Iri big cute

I will mostly be skipping the story this go around, given that I have seen it already, but I may read a few sections I liked here and there. Irisiviel is very adorable this event and I am sad we do not get that parka as a costume.

It feels like I have truly made it as an FGO Veteran now. I started the game with this event, struggled through it, and now it is back, and I am effortlessly blowing it away.

I hope you all have a good time with it, and if it is your first time with this event, TURN UP THE AUDIO. The music is especially great. And do not skip the story.

I will see you in the next one.

Signing off,

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