Monster Super League – 4th Anniversary Event Part 1: Gifts, Preparations, and Updates


The $1,000 Dollar Promise

In a previous article there was mention of a gift to be given out to all players. The developers say that this would amount to $1,000 overall, and now that we are a few days into the anniversary update, have they held their end of the bargain?

Special Login Event featuring a lot of free units and resources.

Free 4-Star Light/Dark Selector!

Free 5-Star RGB Selector Card!

The Login Event

The special login event which started a few days ago is certainly a doozy. Right off the bat, players got a free Dark Miho, which would be followed by a free Dark Seira. Every week following would give a Dark version of the previous NPC astromons (Tina and then Camilla).

On the third day of each week, we will be receiving a random 4-star skill book. On every fourth, 100 gems. For every 5th, 10+1 summon tickets (a newly added item to the game). Finally, on every sixth, free 300,000 gold (basically a free Gold dungeon run).

Notable choices include the gem conversion and substat change tickets that we are getting for the first day of the week, and the selector cards. We are also getting a free Nat-5 heroic egg and a random 5-star skill book, but those are heavily dependent on the dice rolls.

The selector cards and summon tickets make up a huge chunk of the financial value of the login event, but the value is felt. I am not going to do any sort of math here to really figure out whether they hit the mark. But with the amount of stuff that we are going to be getting over the course of the month, I can say with confidence that this is their best login event to date.

Look out for a Selector Guide soon!

Preparations for the Upcoming Festivals

Most of the anniversary content will be going live after this week, so there is some time to prepare for the festivities. The recent Clan’s festival and the upcoming Heroes Festival will be in 2x Crystal, so I will be primarily saving up gems for then. However, starting tomorrow we will be having September’s new Rebirth Festival and Guardian Dungeon lineup.

September will be featuring Jellai and Fennec (L/D only!) for the rebirth festival. While I do plan to do a separate review of these astromons, I will briefly go over the benefits of participating in this month’s rebirth.

Dark Beatel’s fusion chart.

Unlike the previous Jellai rebirth, we now have a new fusion chart for Beatel. One of the astromons used for getting Light Beatel is a Light Jellai. I did a really quick review of why Light Beatel is a good astromon in this article and now getting him would be much easier. Should you decide to participate in this rebirth festival, and want to get Light/Dark Beatel, then the Light Jellai is a priority. Note that you only need to get one before you are set.

The Dark jellai is a solid Dark HP aggressor if you do not have one yet, besides the free Dark Miho.

For the Fennecs, the only arguably good one is the Light Fennec, because the Dark Fennec’s skills have a difficult time synergizing with each other (or with his stats); the Light Fennec on the other hand, when built correctly, can be a very good Light Attacker.

September Guardian Dungeon

The Guardian Dungeon astromons for this month will be Pebbol and Kilobat. Guardian Dungeon astromons are mostly always used for fusion astromon materials. But if you want to build a Fire Pebbol, he is not bad choice for a Fire tank. Most especially if you can get him as a variant, as his leader skill increases the party’s HP.

If you want to prepare for farming the guardian dungeons, then you must make sure that you have an active friends list. Guardian dungeons that your friends discover also become available for access to you. This means that if your friends actively farm the story stages (which most of us do anyways for super evo materials), then for any dungeon they unlock, you automatically have time-limited access to.

Golden Wisdom. Clear out your friends list and seek more active players. Odds are there are going to be some people in there that have not logged in for over a month. Kick those people out and add players who are active. This is an investment in the long-run and will benefit you greatly.

 A Look at the Updated Clan System

The August 25th update brought with it an updated clan system. Now that we have had some time to test it out and see what it brings, I can formally make a review of it. However, this will be limited by the fact that we have only unlocked the first few tiers. No clan in the game, no matter how active, could have possibly levelled up to higher tiers since then. So I think it is reasonable to dedicate another future article to the clan system once we have progressed further in clan levels.

Unfortunately, Clan Packages are a Cash Grab.

The clan packages must be bought with real money to get their rewards. There are no workarounds and the rewards that they give are really sub-par.  Sure, they are cheaper per unit than buying them in the cash shop, but they are still heavily farmable and not worth the money.

Clan Dungeons have Great Potential.

The clan dungeon is an amazing added feature to the game. The <Low> Clan Dungeon allows clan members to challenge a 3-star astromon dungeon for soulstones. The rewards are similar to a Special Guardian Dungeon, which rewards 7-10 soulstones per run. Each daily opening can only be run once per day.

The following is a list of the available astromons for each tier.

In the spirit of the guardian dungeons, it seems that the astromons available currently are for fusion astromons. The high-tier clan dungeon is definitely the best in value, and followed by the low-tier, then the mid-tier.

The reasoning for the low dungeon being better than the mid dungeon is because the 3-stars obtainable from the low dungeon have more utility and flexibility in content than the mid-dungeon astromons.

Not to say that the mid-tier astromons are completely useless, but in the meta right now, they are much better off being used as fusion materials.

Thank you for reading!


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