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Whelp, the time is finally here! Your chance to get a new character, Yuna, is here! Not only is her banner here but so being the second part to chapter 5. Oh, and let’s not forget an anniversary campaign celebrating Tales of Legendia’s 15th Anniversary. Phantom Tower’s Reset is another topic as well. And just when we thought that was the end of it, we also have a release on the summer attachments that were on hold from release to the public. WOW! That is a lot to take for this game for only just one week. Well, let’s dive into all the news!

Strands of Conflict Premium Banner

First, let’s talk about the good stuff. The banner people will roll for the fabulous waifu, Yuna! This banner is going to be available from August 24th to August 31st. Now is your chance to get such a lovely character. Let’s see what players are in for.

Thoughts on Unit

Yuna’s art looks glorious with her showing off her skills using her stringed daggers on her ship. This girl can show what she’s made of! Anyway, her kit is that of a debuffer. Yes, another one, however you are not going to find a tank character like her. With heath and defense like she has, the chances of her lasting on the battlefield are probably higher than the others out there.  Also, her memoria stone gives a good percentage of evading as well, giving her more chances of staying on the field. I however will say roll for her if necessary, so if you need a wind element or a debuffer; ergo if you haven’t gotten any of the others already. Or maybe if she’s that big of a waifu to you. Otherwise, do remember there is a story copy that discusses more on it below.

Chapter 5 Part 2

So now that Yuna is a transgressor and we can roll for her, it also means another story freebie SR MC memoria stone. Only available once completing the story. In this part, it seems you will be seeing Patty from Tales of Vesperia and Chat from Tales of Eternia while the main characters take upon an acting role as pirates. As you enjoy the story, also enjoy some gleamstones that will be given as a reward as part of the “Chapter 5 part 2 Opening Missions” for a limited time from August 24th to September 6th.  Proceed through, appreciate the story, and see what it is that wait for these characters.

Tales of Legendia Anniversary Celebration

About 15 years ago was Tales of Legendia release. The seventh Tales game where the SR character, Senel acts as the main character. As a part of this celebration, 300 gleamstones total will distribute to active players at login in 3 days. During this event, there will also be an exclusive exchange shop where you get limited time meals that came over from Tales of Legendia game. These meals are necessary since they both give a 60% boost in gald or exp in whatever quest you go to. Honestly, this will be helpful when we have that x1.5 gald in the future or need to level characters in the party. However, again these are around for a limited time, so don’t waste time and get on this once in a lifetime boost item. Players have until September 2nd to complete these missions.

Phantom Tower Reset

So, it has been a bit more than a month since we started the phantom tower and now the tower has completely reset and we are back at the bottom again. This time around it seems nothing has changed. Memoria stone rewards are still Kratos (Light of the Wilds) and Hubert (Cunning Tactician) as well as the rest of the rewards as you clear each floor. This time around you have the chance to reach the top until September 24th.

Tales of Crestoria Animated Show?!

With the celebration stream during the weekend. Fans got a special sneak peek of a new animation retelling the events of chapter one of Tales of Crestoria. Check it out!

Players will be able to see the full animation on YouTube on October 18.

Got to love all the new additions!

With the current late summer event still going on, these new ones just added plenty more activities for players to do before Fall comes. For more news from Tales of Crestoria, check out their official twitter. Next time, we look forward to diving into talking about the new banner featuring two lovely maids, Rita and Kohaku. For now, enjoy the new Crestoria journey with the journalist waifu!

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