[Epic Seven] Beginner’s Reroll Guide. What Should You Pick?


Just Starting

Greetings, new Heirs! If not yet, you’re about to embark on a fantastic, lively and emotional adventure!

Whether you’re here because of the game’s popularity, a friend’s recommendation or just yourselves looking for a solid game to play, you’ll want to start with the right foot.

Currently, Epic Seven is an excellent game to invest your time in. Early and mid-game are tons of fun due to its experimenting aspect. Late game is, despite the grindfest, a good incentive to keep you around, as Smilegate is pushing the PvP scene further with each patch. Furthermore, there are tons of PvE content to enjoy.

Reroll? What is that?

For many of you, this may be your first gacha game ever, so it’s useful to explain what rerolling means.

Basically, rerolling is performing rollbacks if you feel your start is unattractive. In a gacha game, it’s almost conventional that developers grant you some free summons to start off.

These free summons usually respect the RNG involved in standard summons. That means that receiving an extremely rare Hero/Unit/Character is as likely as receiving common ones.

Typically, if the latter situation happens, you reroll for a better start, as it means saving time in the long term. You don’t usually pull rare heroes, why wouldn’t you take advantage of taking one right away if you’re given the chance?

Lucky for you, Epic Seven has one of the best rerolling systems out there, because you won’t need to reinstall or clear any data from your phone or PC to do so (unless you’re a perfectionist). In fact, it’s quite easy to get some good rolls at the beginning.

How Does it Work?

After clearing 1-4 in Story Mode, you’ll be sent to the Infinite Library to learn about the gacha system.

The peculiarity here is that you’re given 30 rolls of 10 summons each! It’s called Selective Summon.

This means that you’ll be able to do a 10x summon up to thirty times. This doesn’t indicate that you’ll keep every single one of them though. Actually, you’ll take ONE. The thing is, once you discard one roll and continue with the next, it’ll be lost for good.

When you click on the Summon Again button, you’ll receive a brand new 10x summon, dismissing the previous one. So you best be careful when deciding which roll to conserve, as it will dictate the short-term future of your account.

Once you Confirm, you’ll keep the 10 things you’re shown and finish the process. Keep in mind you might get really good early rolls, so don’t let greed take over you. Better safe than sorry! (You can always reset your account and start again, if you really feel like doing that though. It’s not the end of the world).

NOTE: You can’t receive more than ONE 5★ Hero OR Artifact in the same pull during this process.

Alright, now that you know what we’re talking about, let’s get into topic.

Full Table of Heroes

During your Selective Summon, you’ll be able to pull from a specific pool of heroes. Not every 3★, 4★, and 5★ are available. Ideally, you should aim for at least: one 5★ Hero and some 4★. 3★ are far easier to get later on.

→ AIM FOR Heroes! You can worry about Artifacts later ←

Here’s a complete table of the possible 4★ and 5★, distinguished by colour depending on their role:

Red: Damage Dealers
Blue: Tanks
Green: Healers
Pink: Supports

NOTE: These roles are not to be taken as foolproof/infallible, but as a general idea of what each Hero normally achieves.

4★ Heroes

5★ Heroes
 Baal & Sezan


Which Hero Is Good and Why?

Keywords: Farmer, PvE, PvP

In Epic Seven, gear (Equipment) plays a major role in your unit’s performance, more so than their rarity. But that won’t be relevant for now.

In order to have a good start, you’ll be looking for a reliable Farmer in your Selective Summon.

As you saw in the table, there are plenty of Damage Dealers that can do this job well. The ones that excel at it are (in order of performance):

NOTE: This is my opinion, and not an ultimate truth. What I express here is what I’ve gathered from experience and general consensus.

  1. Vildred
    Vildred has always been recommended as the go-to hero to reroll for, as he is unmatched in taking wave after wave of enemies easily. His kit revolves around dealing high AoE (Area of Effect) Damage every turn.
    His passive S2, Dancing Blade, activates whenever he kills an enemy, granting him Attack Increase (+50% Attack buff) before performing an extra AoE attack once.
    Besides, his S1 Sweep targets two enemies at once.
  2. Sez
    Sez is another good example of how a great farmer looks like.
    Even though he doesn’t have an AoE in every single attack, he does have a passive S2 Encroach, which activates when an enemy is at 50% Health or less after attacking with his S1 Dark Shadow, dealing AoE damage to the enemies.
    This means that if you hit someone with S1 and leave it with 50% Health or less, S2 will activate, making normal waves of enemies trivial.
    Moreover, his S3 Conviction deals huge Single Target Damage to an enemy and explodes on kill, dealing residual damage to the rest.
  3. Clarissa
    Clarissa behaves similarly to Sez, but instead of activating her passive S2 Rage after attacking someone at 50% or less Health, she does so when killing an enemy.
    Her upside is that both her S1 Harsh Lesson and S3 Hysteric have a chance to provide a Decrease Defense debuff to the enemy, making them receive 70% additional damage with each attack.
    Besides her farming strength, she’ll help you really well with Wyvern, one of the most popular Hunts you’ll have to farm for gear.
  4. Charlotte
    Charlotte has an interesting kit, as she needs to be buffed in order to reach full potential.
    To contribute, her S2   Will of the Swamp grants her Attack Increase and Defense Increase buffs when attacked.
    When she is buffed, her S1 Dual Swords becomes AoE and ALWAYS result in a Critical Hit (unless she misses), dealing additional damage.
    Her S3 Vortex can’t be used until she reaches 100 Fighting Spirit (acquired while attacking and being attacked), and it deals good always-Critical Hit Damage (unless she misses). It’s important to note that she can completely bypass building for Critical Hit Chance, as she has built-in always crit in her kit.
    Besides her PvE side, she’s been used in PvP quite often nowadays. Definitely a good investment.
  5. Aramintha
    Even though she can’t compete that well against the previous Heroes, Aramintha brings a lot of damage and turn management for herself in her kit.
    Both her S3 Fire Pillar (AoE) and S1 Ignite inflict Burn on the enemy, a debuff that hurts on the turn of the unit affected.
    Her S2 Catalyst inflicts good AoE damage as well. Also, her S1 lowers her S3’s cooldown by 1 turn, allowing her to cycle through her skills very quickly and making her an excellent Boss killer.
    She can also be used in PvP as a fast debuffer or a strong nuker, though it falls off as you climb the leagues.

I’ll say this right now: You don’t need one of these heroes to progress, they’ll just make it faster. In fact, besides giving you Mercedes for free (who is a great farmer), the game now also gives you Free Spirit Tieria while you’re going through the main story. Another great Hero with the ability to self-heal and Defense Break an enemy.

I have to give two Honorable Mentions to Ravi and Ken who, despite not being as fast, are far more durable and able to sustain way better than the rest. Not as fast, but extremely reliable farmers. They’re also great long-term investments for PvP.

Baal and Sezan are, since their recent buff, also very good early-game farmers, as all their skills are AoE and provide decent damage (plus some good debuffs).

Last but not least,  Dingo is another great one. It lacks a bit of damage but compensates with random procs from S1 (Single Target) into S2 (AoE + Self Heal), meaning he can handle multiple enemies by himself.
Here’s a guide I wrote on him not so long ago. Check it out!

Although not completely paramount, you might want to try and get Karin– an absolute Boss shredder, mainly Wyvern Hunt, which I’ll speak about later on.
She can Decrease Defense and deliver ridiculous amounts of damage when landing Critical Hits, while decreasing her own cooldowns doing so.

Keywords: Tank, PvE, PvP

Although you’ll want to focus on getting a reliable farmer early on to progress into the game faster, I can’t say nothing about Tanks, and you can get some awesome ones from the Selective Summon.

In this case, I won’t give a top 5 or anything, as most of them do not just only tank, but also provide buffs to your team, or debuffs to the enemy team.

  •  Tywin
    Tywin is an absolute beast both in PvE and PvP, as his kit works wonders in both contents.
    His S3 All-out Attack is an AoE attack that can Decrease Defense for the entire enemy team, a premium debuff to have available, while giving Defense Increase to himself.
    His S2 Commanding Shout grants an ally and himself Attack Increase and Critical Hit Chance Increasetwo of the best buffs to have in your Damage Dealer, while giving +30% Combat Readiness.
    Finally, his S1 Sword Storm can Dispel a buff from an enemy, which comes handy when they have a dangerous one on them.
    In PvP, he serves as one of the best Supports and can single-handedly provide your Damage Dealer an ideal situation to destroy everything at sight

  • Rose
    Rose is used best as a fast Support who can enable and empower your team.
    In order to do so, she can grant Attack Increase and +15% Combat Readiness to the squad with her S3 Goddess of Victory.
    With Shield of Light, her S2, she can Cleanse an ally from two debuffs while granting a Barrier and 10% Combat Readiness.
    Lastly, her S1 Sequential Cutter can Provoke an enemy if she’s at +50% Health, or buff herself with Defense Increase if below that amount.
    In PvP, she opens with her S3 to help your team get a turn and prevent debuffs with S2.

  • Armin
    Armin is an excellent Tank who makes your team harder to bring down.
    S3 Shield Wall is her signature move where she raises her huge shield, granting a 3 turn Barrier and Healing for a bit. When on cooldown, this ability passively grants 10% Damage Reduction to all allies.
    Her S2 Flash of Light can Decrease Hit Chance of the enemy team while Poisoning it, which can contribute to the survaivability of allies.
    Finally, her S1 Takedown has a low chance to Stun an enemy, raising the probability on debuffed enemies.

  • Maya
    Maya is more of an offensive Tank/Support. Even though she’s not used that often due to low probability on her skills, she brings an oppresive side to tanking.
    S3 Morale Boost 
    disrupts the enemy team with Decrease Attack and Provoke for 1 turn, while granting Increase Defense to yours.
    Both her S2 Concuss and S1 Weakening Blow have a chance to Stun a single enemy, being S2 more likely than S1, naturally.

Crozet is pretty good to help your team stay alive with passive Barriers and Defense Increase, making him a good addition to your Wyvern team. Other than that, he won’t be as good.

The rest who’s not mentioned is not because they’re straight-up bad, but because they either won’t bring a lot in the short term, or are extremely stat hungry to make them work, like Purrgis, who’s a Counter Tank.

Keywords: Healer, PvE, PvP

Although you’ll want to focus on getting a reliable farmer early on to progress into the game faster, I can’t say nothing about Healers, and you can get some awesome ones from the Selective Summon (yes, I copy-pasted).

In this game, Healers are more often than not a must have in your team. You’ll want to have one or two around to help your team survive.

  • Destina
    From the ones you can get, Destina is the best Healer. Despite her low base speed, her heals are top tier. What is more, she heals with every single ability.
    Starting with her S3 Destina’s Grace, cleanses all debuffs, recovers plenty of Health and gives Combat Readiness equal to the numbers of Debuffs cleansed. Absolutely amazing ability.
     Regen, her S2, recovers a good chunk of Health and increases Combat Readiness of an ally by 30%. Plus, it is on a low cooldown.
    Finally, her S1 Key to an Oath, attacks an enemy and heals the ally with the lowest Health.

  • Angelica
    Angelica used to be the go-to Healer for a very long time. In fact, she was preferred over some Damage Dealers during the first rerolls.
    Things have changed a bit though, and I’ll explain why later. For now, let’s take a look at her abilities.
    She brings lots of Heals and Barriers with her S3 Guide of the Goddess, alongside an Immunity buff for all allies. Pretty much all you want your Healer to do.
    Her S2 Origin of Life recovers Health of an ally of choice and the one with the lowest Health. An interesting side is that, if you choose the ally with the lowest Health, it’ll add both effects up for that one ally.
    The only attack, her S1 Holy Strike has a low chance to Stun an enemy. As low as it may seem, it sometimes come clutch.

  • Achates
    Achates is pretty much a mini version of Destina, but with a twist.
    They’re quite similar on the S3 department, as Curing Prayer heals a lot and cleanses all debuffs from your team. She lacks the Combat Readiness boost, but the cooldown is lower than Destina’s.
    Her S2 Rapid Cure is what makes her kit really interesting. It heals for a bit, decreases cooldowns of the target by 1 turn and provides Invincibility for 1 turn. Now, when you invest on her skills, she’ll be able to rotate between her S3 and S2 infinitely, given you target S2 on herself.
    She also inflicts a Decrease Attack debuff with her attack, S1 Magic Design. A great addition.

The last two Healers on the Selective Summon are Lots and Rin. They are both great in the right teams, but they won’t bring the heals you’ll probably need early on and mid game.
With that being said, I have to highlight that Lots is fantastic in Abyss, because his kit revolves around regens and Combat Readiness pushes, meaning he excels in longer fights.
As regards Rin, she’s more of a Support than a Healer. In fact, she’s one of two Healers capable of inflicting Decrease Defense. Additionally, she grants two random buffs to your entire team. Pretty interesting as well.

Honorable Mentions

The following are 3★ Heroes who are incredibly useful throughout the game. They’ll help you progress mainly in the Wyvern Hunt, which is arguably the most important right now.

Taranor Guard

Being all Ice Element, they provide solid damage and debuffs, three key points you’ll be looking for when facing Wyvern. Oh, and all of them can be obtained through Selective Summon as well.

Now, remember I told you that things have changed on the “ Angelica is an absolute must pull on rerolls”?
Well, since the release of the Specialty Change of Montmorancy, this stopped being relevant.
A Specialty Change is, essentially, fulfilling objectives for a mission. When you finish one, the Hero you chose to be changed will have his/her skills upgraded and/or promoted.

In Montmorancy’s case, she changes to Angelic Montmorancy, a very solid Hero who’s capable of being your Healer of choice for most (if not all) of the story, while also helping you with Wyvern Hunt. She’s even good in PvP too.

As the last one, I have to mention Lena, a 3★ Hero who’s almost as good a Farmer as Vildred.
She resets her S3 (AoE) on enemy kill so, with enough Attack, she can oneshot every wave of enemies while buffing herself with Attack Increase.
Besides, her S2 passive grants her up to 45% Critical Hit Chance, which is great when gearing her.
The only issue is that she’s not available in the Selective Summon.


As I mentioned earlier, this is not the ultimate truth. You don’t need any of the top Heroes. They will though, make the progress WAY faster.

When I started without reading a guide (mostly because there weren’t one at the moment), I rolled with Lots, Alexa and a couple of 4★ Artifacts, which could’ve made my start extremely slow.
Luckily, I pulled Dingo soon after, making me progress a lot easier.

You’ll be spending a good amount of time farming fodder, so you better gear a Farmer ASAP.

Other than that, I can only wish you the best of lucks and the greatest of times on Epic Seven! Hope to see you in-game in the future! You have my EU IGN name in my profile. Feel free to add me.


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