[Monster Super League] 4th Anniversary Update!


Happy Four Years to MSL!

Monster Super League is set to celebrate its anniversary very soon! The August 25 update will bring over all the juicy stuff from the developer notes released a couple of weeks ago. You may find the article I made for it here. I will highlight the rest of the maintenance updates in this article. The recent patch notes also included some much needed illustrations and explanations, so I will be delving into them here.


Min-Zephyros is coming to Latecia!

Capture Festival: The capture festival for the month of September features the newest NPC astromon. His details will be added to the Astromon Guide after the update, so expect a review from me coming after! The capture festival starts on the 6th of September and ends on the 26th (specifically, the Finale ends on the 26th)!

Note that only the Light version will be spawning in story stages for the capture festival. His soulstones may also be found at random in the Shady Shop.

Exotic Fusion: There will also be an exotic fusion featuring Dark Zephyros, which can be fused by using 2 Evo-2 Light Zephyros as fusion materials.

Super Festival Line-Up

Mona and Monarch!

One of the best events taking place in the 4th anniversary event is the super festival for Mona! The festival period starts on August 27 (Thursday), and ends on September 4 (Friday). The information for her super evolution form should also come after the update.

>Boreal Queen> Yuki and Yukina!

The next super festival in line after Mona’s is Yuki’s. Her festival period starts on the 20th of September, so let’s stock up on those super evolution stones if you haven’t had a chance to get her yet!

After Yuki’s super festival, we will be having Seastar’s. No specific date has been announced yet, but based on the pattern of festivals, it should be around late October.

Draka Rebirth Festival!

The next rebirth festival astormon would be the Draka! This is a friendly reminder to try and get a Fire Draka if you haven’t yet, because he is arguably the best attacker/farmer in the game right now. Although he will be available for the Clans Festival at the end of the month, it would be better for you to just hold on to your gems for the x2 Crystal Bonus that’s coming up soon!

Beatel Buffs and Balance Changes

The devs have changed some real nice things about Beatel. So much so, that I might actually consider using him now (and maybe you would too)! The Dark version now has more HP, ATK, and DEF. But it’s the Light version that has the real juicy stuff. The 3-Star Stun has been changed to a 60% Shock for two turns (a bit low but two turns is a lot). His 5-star skill has also been changed to affect all allies instead of only himself. This makes him a potential control option for PVP or CVC.

Not to mention, that he is now practically farmable. We now have a proper look at the Fusion chart for the new Dark Beatel Fusion:

Dark Beatel fusion chart

Light Beatel can be found on the second tier of the chart, after fusing 1x Evo 3 Water Nezha and 1x Evo 3 Light Jellai.

It’s a really nice addition to have Nezha and Jellai on the third tiers, since now you can farm them more easily (should you need them). Light Jellai has a strange skill-set (Seal and Defense Down) that are both crit-reliant. She can be a good attacker and crowd-controller in PVP when built correctly. She can be used offensively for some floors of the Tower. Water Nezha on the other hand, is a Titan astromon which has Attack Down and Blind. If you don’t have proper left-side astromons for the Fire/Water Titan, then farming and raising a Water Nezha will be easier.

The materials needed for the Light Jellai is a bit hard to come by since you need to hatch Water Minicats from eggs. Water Nezha has both materials farmable in story stages on the other hand. Overall, this is a very good fusion chart if you need some astromons to complete your PVP or Titans team. Going for Dark Beatel isn’t out of the option yes, but now the Light Beatel is more appealing than it was before.

Various Clan Reworks

Clan levels are now implemented, along with a level-scaling buff system that makes the clan buffs (Gold boost, EXP boost, etc.) stronger based on level. Clan dungeons may now be opened by clan leaders and officers, and last 12 hours once opened. These are also level-based, and increase in number the higher the clan level is.

Clan versus Clan matchmaking is now based on the number of members in a clan instead of the timezones! This is short-term solution to a long-time problem, but now at least it’s going to be somewhat balanced. Arguably, the best balance to CVC would be a system that can gauge astromon battle power, but that’s an article for another time.

New Packages

Clan Packages: These are new packages that come with the new clan rework. Directly from the maintenance notes, “A Gift box contains one of the following items; Energy, Gold, Fortinium, Clover, Augmentite, Egg”. It’s safe to assume that this refers to a <High> Secret Egg. The variety of the packages available for purchase (which is limited to once a day), increases with Clan Level. The highlight of this package would definitely be the Trinket enhancement materials. If the price of the gift boxes are reasonable, then these would provide a huge convenience increase to trinket farming.

Astrogem Bonus Package: Finally, after years of waiting, we finally get a bonus x2 astrogems when we purchase anything from the cash shop. Long-time F2P players will know that it still isn’t worth it, but if you want to support the game and have some extra cash? Then a x2 Astrogem bonus doesn’t sound too bad.

5-Star Selector Packs. Exclusively part of the 4-year anniversary event, these packs include a variety of rewards and some good old Nat-5 Selectors.

5★ Selection Card Pack I
Contains: 5★ Selection Card x 1, Astrogem x 200, <High> Light/Dark Egg x 1, Energy x 100
5★ Selection Card Pack II
Contains: 5★ Selection Card x 3, Astrogem x 1000, <Supreme> Light/Dark Egg x 1, Gleem Egg x 3
NPC Mons Packages: We are also getting the other NPC astromons as packages. Speficially, their light versions.
Mini Seira Pack
  • Contains: (4★ Light) Mini Seira x 3
Mini Tina Pack
  • Contains: (4★ Light) Mini Tina x 3
Mini Camilla Pack
  • Contains: (4★ Light) Mini Camilla x 3

Variant Holy Gleem: It’s back. There have been no changes to the contents of the package, so I imagine the price of this will remain the same as well.

L/D Yuki Packages: To prepare for Yuki’s super festival next month, masters are given this chance to purchase Light/Dark Yuki from the shop. Each pacakge comes with one of each RGB Yuki.

Other Updates

10+1 Summoning Ticket: We are now getting a new item for summoning. This seems to be a regular non-festival version of the 10+1 Festival Ticket, which is consumed first when performing a 10-pull before astrogems are.

Reformed Log-In event for New/Returning Players: The 7-day log-in rewards for new and returning players has been changed, but no specifics have been released so far about what these changes are.


  • All of the game art used in this article (and the Featured Image) is the property of and still belongs to SMARTSTUDY and 4:33.Illustrations are grabbed from the Facebook Page which you can find .

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