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Looking into the future tends to be a habit for gamers. Like anyone who would want to find out about movie releases, we do the same for games. Is a game coming out for a console we play on? Is the game going to have x/y/z features? Glimpses into the future via articles, publisher websites, and so on, tend to be the way to go. While looking for new games coming out for the Nintendo Switch, I’ve stumbled upon the beautiful looking Blue Fire.

Though Joe’s the one who covers the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, I’ve decided to take the helm on this one. Oh! That reminds me, I’ve to introduce myself. Good day my friends, you may call me Kit. Similarly to Joe, I’ll be covering the game’s synopsis, showing any trailers, and showcasing screenshots of Blue Fire.
(Ah, do not fret– I’ll also be covering other Nintendo Switch titles). Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Penumbra.


A Closer Look to Penumbra

Straight from Graffiti Games’ website, we get our synopsis of the game:
Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desolated kingdom of Penumbra and discover the hidden secrets of this long-forgotten land. Explore mystical temples, encounter survivors and take on strange quests to collect valuable items. Along your adventure, slash your way through daunting adversaries, roam across mysterious and abandoned regions, leap through deadly traps and ultimately master the art of movement.

Robi Studios’ own Santiago Rosa had some input on the lore of the game himself. In fact, he was kind enough to give an introduction of the world similar to our synopsis:
After the fall of Penumbra, the land entered into an era of eternal darkness. During this time the corruption, also known as the Black Shadow, breached the land and spread to dominate as the main source of life. The Black Shadow had many effects throughout Penumbra and many dead and alive creatures were slowly corrupted by it becoming Shadow Reborns, very powerful and destructive nature beings.

Being called a “desolate fantasy land” catches attention quite nicely. Looking further at the screenshots provided–– or even the trailer revealed during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, it’s quite safe to say this game’s got eyes on it. (Also, with it being described as a 3D action platformer, I’m actually pretty excited about the release of this game).

For now, the current release projection is March of 2021. This could change, and I’ll be sure to let you know if it does.


Who Are You?

Shrouded in mystery, and brought back by an entity known as the Black Shadow, you play as Umbra. Umbra is one of the fallen warriors of this world; having been brought back by this evil has turned him soulless as a result. Not just soulless, but also quite aggressive. Post resurrection, Umbra’s abilities range from dashing and wall jumping, to spin attacks and down smashes. As the story advances, Umbra’s iconic navy blue and maroon cloak will be able to have customizations available to them. In addition to the tunics, the weapons are also said to be customizable, allowing the player to pick their favorite of the bunch.

(Note: Umbra’s interactions in the game are with uncorrupted and corrupted beings. The goal in the game is to find self-empowerment to get through difficult obstacles in your way.)


Dark Landscapes, and Harsh Environments

Dashing and Wall Running over an Abyss? Sure, no problem!

The environments in platformers are no joke. Miss one step, and you’re immediately falling down into the abyss. Let it be known, that with Blue Fire, you do NOT want to be distracted. Distractions in this game could cost you a little bit of your sanity, and Umbra’s death. Rosa describes the changing environment as a mixture of flat, verticality-inclusive, and sky-high [above the ground]. Jumping from the higher areas to the lower requires calculation, as one misstep could lead to a game over.
(That, or you just can’t see what’s going on due to being attacked by an enemy).

As shown in the trailer, there’s going to be some pretty cool-looking boss fights. Some say there might be instances where Umbra is fighting mid-air. (I don’t know about you, but mid-air fights are a personal favorite).


Screenshots of Gameplay



Thoughts with Kit

Gonna copy Joe with his thoughts/final comments section by starting it with whatever my icon is.

In the whole grand scheme of things, this game looks AMAZING. They wanted a difficult, but still enjoyable game, and they made it happen. Just looking at it, this game draws me in and compels me to further look into its mechanics and lore. Being so open-ended, despite the established basis of story, this can be whatever one wants it to be. Why did Penumbra fall to the Black Shadow? How was Umbra resurrected? Many questions, and the player is free to answer them with their imagination.

As stated before, the release date of Blue Fire is in March of 2021. Similarly, the reveal of a full release date will come with a price. Will the game be worth its price? We shall see. If any new updates come out, I’ll be sure to tell you.

That’s all from me.
This is Kit, signing off until next time!

All images provided through the Graffiti Games website. For further information on the game, be sure to follow Robi Studios on Twitter.
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