Servant Summer Festival Log, Part 7: In Triplicate, the top lore.


The ladders are done, BB is punched into Oblivion, and the story is free and clear!

But the grind never ends, does it?

I have enough shop CEs that it would be a waste to not attempt to clear out the shop, so that’s my current goal for no. I’ll tell ya, it’s much nicer when you can have a +7/+6 bonus going for monies.

I’ve cleared out all available doujin CEs, so I wonder what happens when I loop now.


I wasn’t expecting this Bond 5 to come this fast. Either I’ve been farming just that much or BB is attached me. Both prospects are terrifying.

I’m going to put a ring on it.

MHXX reached Bond 5 too, which I’m really happy about. I can’t wait for Gilfest so I can get a windfall of embers and QP to grail her.


Ah, a CE mocking the isekai LN trend of “I reincarnated as the villain!”.

Eresh is clearly the superior choice here

And the final CE I made, the romcom-harem. Ereshkigal ftw.

And now I trot off to finish up the shop. Especially the gems. I’ve been hanging around Ishtar a bit too much, because I hunger for these gems.

Signing off,


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