Servant Summer Festival Log Part 5: Another Hawaii- The BB beyond Time and Space


I have spent an eternity just drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing.

This LuluHawa hotel room is as intimate to me as my home is.

I have somehow made progress. The frozen time has cracked, and soon I will be free of its tyrannical shackles.


Give me a mecha event, FGO. You owe me that much after this grinding hell you have made me endure.

Finally, The Best Doujin

The story is done. Jalter has made her crowning glory, the self same doujin she tried to surpass, which she somehow did.

Finally, permanent Jalter

I have made Jalter permanent. What remains are the raids, and getting her to NP5. And then the true hell: Solo MHXX rate up. My quartz and tickets… I can only pray they hold up.

I’ll see you later. Or yesterday. Or 5 years from now. I don’t know anymore.

Signing off,


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