Servant Summer Festival Log, Part 4: BB Experience Requiem


How long has it been since I started farming? This week in August has gone on forever and ever and ever. I’m 90% sure BB doesn’t ever plan on ending this loop.

We need badly edited memes

Sigh. I finally unlocked a command code and some of the side quests, giving me more of that oh-so-delicious writing. This event really is the greatest – all the servants get to cut loose and have fun. We need more of this kind of writing. It’s good. It’s great.

Jalter took a cue or two from Persona

This is still my favorite part of this game- beating up servants using themselves. I love it. It never stops being funny to me.

Crit Stars Go Go Go

I may put this Command Code on Musashi. I’m undecided on that. It’s a good effect, but I use her for raw damage more so than Buster Crit memes. We’ll see.

Kiara is the most wholesome

I also made a Buddhist manual with Kiara, who is the most wholesome and pure person ever. The doujin itself is incredibly clean and helpful as a reference for the life of a Buddhist monk.

Well, that’s what I managed.

I leave you with BB on the saxophone.

Doot doot.

Signing off,


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