Monster Super League – The 4th Anniversary Dev Notes is Here!


Monster Super League is to celebrate it’s 4th Year!

No one could have ever foretold that they’d actually make it this far. Considering that they killed sliming in the early parts of 2020, most of the community were heavily skeptical about this game’s status as a growing concern. But we’re here now, and in a few weeks we’ll be celebrating the anniversary! (Well, the update is set for September 7). You can read the actual Developer’s Notes on Facebook here.

For this article, I’m going to only highlight some of the important things mentioned, and the impact these could possibly have on the game moving forward.

Gifts and Bonuses worth 1k USD?

“Over the coming weeks until the 4th Anniversary date, Our team will be preparing in-game gifts worth about KRW 1,000,000 (equivalent to USD $1,000) for those of you who plan to come back to Latecia, or plan to set foot in Latecia for their first time. And not to worry, as masters who are already actively playing Monster Super League will also be entitled to receive gifts as well! Be advised that the 4th Anniversary Event goes for 28 days, and the masters should be able to claim log-in rewards upon logging into the game each day during the 4th Anniversary event, with more to come. Details of the events should be revealed through future notes.”

The most striking part of the bonuses given for the event is this one. In-game gifts worth 1,000 USD? Given the current state of the premium items’ prices, this could be very huge, or a complete flop. There is no absolute guarantee that they won’t giving us just a bunch of eggs. But again, no one’s saying that it could also be way better than that. As it stands now, veterans, returning players, and beginners can and will find some helpful things in the anniversary. Whether or not it’s actually that amount stated is still left to speculation.

Clan Updates and Reworks

There are some also long-awaited changes to the clan system. The new features seem to move a positive step towards increasing quality-of-life and the usefulness of clans even more. Not to say that clan content was not good before this. But, the incentive of joining or having an active clan after the update is significantly increased.

Changes in Clan Conflicts

Clan conflict is getting a much needed rework in terms of (1) the timezone differences globally (since right now it follows the same system as Region Defense), and (2) matchmaking. The latter is a significant improvement, because I don’t think much has been in the way before in terms of matching clans in terms of player power. We’ll see how 4:33 delivers on this one.

Clan Leveling System

We are finally getting a leveling system. You would think that a game this old, with a clan system that’s part of the core game progression would have this system by now. For some reason, we’re only getting it on the 4th year. With regards to the specifics, the new Clan EXP is gained by participating in clans-only content, and the level of the clan influences the power of the Clan Buffs that can be activated from the guild shop.

Clan Dungeons

Clan Dungeons are gonna be clan-specific, guardian-dungeon-esque content that comes with the new update. You get soulstones for “certain astromons”, and the number of dungeons that can be explored depends on the Clan Level.

Whether or not it’s a great addition depends on the kinds of Astromon available for farming this. It can’t be disputed that it is a good addition at the least, since new content for clans (which hasn’t seen any major updates since the ancient times) is always welcome.

Clan Buffs

Our team is aware of the fact that Clan Buffs have never been considered worthwhile by the community to purchase due to their underwhelming performances

Probably because the effects that they give are too minute for the price that they’re currently at. Even for a really active guild, the benefit is at most marginal. The buffs are outshone easily by every single other source of resource-boost available to the game right now.

They are planning to tie the power of the buffs to the Clan Level. Hopefully it provides a decent correlation between EXP and Boost Power that will actually make the buffs usable.

Astromon News

The General Updates section of the Notes give some pretty interesting news. Astromon-wise, they’re adding a new Anniversary astromon, a new skin for Yuki, a super evolution form for Mona, and some m-fusion and rebirth updates.

  • Welcome to Zephyros!

    Mini Zephyros is here!

    Zephyros will be the next Anniversary Mon that will be introduced on the September 7th update. He will be joining the roster of special NPC mons including L/D Mini Seira (1st Anniversary), L/D  Mini Tina (2nd Anniversary), and L/D Mini Camila (3rd Anniversary).

    No specific details have been given so far, but I (as well as many players, I’m sure) am hoping that Zephyros can be one of those astromons that provide some sort of multi-content utility. Or, at least be on some level more powerful than your regular astromon.

    Popular recommendations from players (as far as I’ve read from comments and posts), was to have an astromon that boosts EXP or Gold rewards. Granted that could be possible, making Zephyros a staple farmer that boosts Encounter Rates might not be too bad as well, given that he is known for that.

  • Design Your Costume Contest’s Latest Winner Presents Yuki!

    Actual designs as shown in the Dev Notes. The design is for the <Boreal Queen>. so it is for the SE form.

    From time to time, 4:33 hosts a contest called “Let Your Designs Become Reality”, where the community can submit artworks of costume proposals for astromons. The winner and runner-ups get various reward, but the winner specifically gets their design included in the game!

    Congratulations to the winner of the new Yuki costume!

  • Finally! Super Evolution for Mona!

    Adult and Child form of Super Evolution Mona!

    We are finally getting that much needed Super Evolution boost for Mona. If you’re a relatively new player, you might not have an idea of why this is such a huge deal– I wrote a quick beginner’s guide for this game, and part of it focuses on why Mona is one of the best mons to raise in the early game.

    She is one of the best all-around mons in the game, and can help in farming the story stages, golems, ToC, etc.. The Water Mona specifically is a good beginner mon and can help you reach mid-game really fast. The Wood Mona is a good B7 astromon, and a tanky one in general. The Fire Mona is helpful in ToC, because she has Rec. Down and is useful against healers. The Dark Mona is an absolute beast when farming anything, especially when she’s built with high Crit. The Light Mona, although not as widely used, does have the potential to be really tanky when built correctly.

    Having a super evolution form boosts all of their stats. The Water and Dark elements get a nice boost when farming, since the SE skill gets to activate more frequently due to their morale boosts.

    This addition is probably one of the most anticipated ones for the anniversary. If you’re still choosing which Mon to SE first, then unless you’re focused on PVP, the Monas’ SE will give you that QOL improvement that you need!

  • L/D Beatel Will Be Available for Fusion!

    Fusion loading screen.

    The Beatel will be available for fusion soon. If you ever wanted to get their Light and Dark versions, then it’s going to be possible very soon.

    The game’s giving us a bunch of fantastic fusion monsters this year, and it started when they added the Light Boltwing fusion to the roster. Having an additional L/D Nat-4 will help all players build up their collection and to try out new team compositions!

  • Get Your Drakas!

    Draka Rebirth loading screen.

    The Draka will be the 5-star Rebirth festival mon for September; so if you have spare Nat-5’s, and you don’t have one of these yet, get one. If you can, aim for the Fire one, as she is the most powerful farmer in the game right now. Her value to you increases exponentially the earlier you are in the game. This is however, considering the fact that you have actual mons to sacrifice. Otherwise, you might just have to wait for the next one.

Final Thoughts on the Upcoming Anniversary

The 4th Anniversary is a welcome treat. The updates listed in the Dev Notes only go over the new stuff, and we would still be in the right to expect the traditional festivities. New log-in rewards, event points and exchanges, all that jazz.

The gift to players worth “1,000 USD” is certainly eye-catching to say the least. Clan Reworks and Mona’s SE are probably the biggest things here to expect right now. Zephyros can literally be anything right now, so I’m not going to talk much about him as of this moment. We also have a new skin, new fusion mon, and a returning fan-favorite for the Rebirth fest.

Overall, I think this event is one not to be missed. There may be upcoming teasers in the future as to the complete nature of the anniversary, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for those right now. If you’re a new player, or a potentially returning player, then it’s not a bad start to check the game out before or during this event!

  • All of the game art used in this article (and the Featured Image) is the property of and still belongs to SMARTSTUDY and 4:33.

    Illustrations are grabbed from the Facebook Page which you can find .

    Want to download the game? Download it here (Android) or here (IOS).

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