Servant Summer Festival Log, Part 2: Groundhog Week




BB? WHAT? THE LOG? Right, right. That thing. I still can’t believe you’re making me do this, even in between all the doujin… you’re truly evil, you know that?

Hello, my readers! Let’s do a rapid-fire update on what I’ve been up to!

Gudao the Manwhore

The first doujin I made was this one, ostensibly about Dantes. It’s the only one you can get with no other requirements met, and as a friend of mine likes to say, the process for getting this was likely hilarious, since that ALSO looks so much like Gudao.

Robin: “We’re out of time, and we have no ideas! Time for Plan Z! Master, unbutton your shirt, Ushi, get the rose petals! Mash, get that camera ready!”

Guda: “Wait, what?”

Robin: “No time! We’re doing this now!”

The second one was the Martha CE. Ruler Martha may have failed to come to my Chaldea, but at least I’ll always have this CE in memory of her. And reading the description of this CE, not gonna lie, I kinda want to read it.

Jing Ke is Jing Bae. It’s always nice to see her appear, she’s so criminally underused. I have grailed her, I’ll have you know! She has them gold borders in my Chaldea! I appreciate this cutie even if no one else does!

The final thing I achieved was the leveling of this bean. I don’t normally immediately invest in welfares, but Jalter’s fun personality this event and her simply being a really good glass cannon made me decide to break that trend and level her up.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with the next update for y’all. Stay out of la creatura’s sights and good luck.

Signing off,


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