Dead Heat Race Chronicles, Part 5: The Neroshank Exception


Hello, fellow inmates. How are your jailbreak attempts going? Mine is plodding along at a minor pace. I am exhausted, let me tell you that. I have enough CEs that not farming out the shops is a waste due to the absurd amounts of currency I can get, yet two whole shops is so much to do, especially with there only being 5 or so more days left in this event.

I don’t remember rolling you

I used some of the embers to finally finish this up, however. I don’t remember rolling Archer Anne and Mary, but I’ll take it. Likely happened when I was rolling for, and failed to get, Ruler Martha. I’ll take any +1 bonus I can get, because it means that much less farming.

Do we, Ishtar?

Chibi Ishtar may be one of the greatest innovations in this event. I want one as a pet. The humor potential is very high, and they don’t run the joke into the ground. Well done, writer.

The thot sings

This part of the event was most certainly handled by Nasu himself, however. He has said that Medb is the favorite character he’s ever made, and so much of this event is about rubbing up Medb’s ego. Hell, she gets unique CGs here that most Servants don’t get in the main story.

Medb KICK!

Look at that. Someone had fun drawing that. Pity it’s only a silhouette though. I’d have liked to see that proper.

I’ve nearly cleared the bronze shop, and I’m aiming for at least half the silver shop today. My next update will be after I’ve made some headway on cleaning that out.

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