Dead Heat Summer Chronicles, Part 4: Arrested for gacha crimes


This message has somehow been transmitted from a prison cell. Magic, indeed.

Hello, my fellow inmates!  How goes Part 2 of the summer race event? I’m a bit preoccupied… didn’t have time to write the planned update untill now. I really need to learn how to schedule better.

Utter lies from Nero aside, the latter half of the race event proceeded smoothly. The break bars on the bosses are seemingly just there to be an inconvenience – the actual health amounts are so low that a Brave Chain can clear them. I have yet to do the CQs that give the gold fous, and the apples from the new farming nodes, but honestly that can wait, considering I cleared the Part 1 shop.

Part 2 shop, ahoy!

If only she knew

This event could have ended earlier if we just had no interference from Medb. That said, I don’t mind more Medb content. Medb is good civilization.


But do you know what’s even better civilization? That’s right, the god-dang Lobocop! It’s a shame that this still isn’t an available costume option. Look at the cap! Look at the siren head! It’s great, and funny, and of course DW doesn’t give it to us. Damn you, Nasu! Damn you!

The jail escape story is fairly decent, I suppose. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t need to be.

Reunited at last

I shall leave you with this wholesome scene of Sakura reuniting with Medusa, with support from Rin.

What do you mean something’s not right?

I’ll see you in the next one.

Signing off,


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