Magia Record released a new character exclusive for the English Server


The developers of the English server of Magia Record did something unprecedented this week. They released a new character exclusive to the English version of the game.

Ashley Taylor is a new character, never released into the Japanese server of the game. She is a Dark type 4*, and will speak in English, with Sally Amaki as her voice actor. She has an unprecedented four blast discs and one accele disc. The mirrors meta is speculating about how good this character might be, as 3 Blast units are one of the more popular archetypes.

Her Magia (or signature move,), Glittering Gunk, has her bear toy, Kumanosuke, grow to a massive size and attack the enemy team with a full aoe attack puking rainbow colored gunk on the enemies.

Ashley is a limited servant, who will not be added to the main summoning pool after her Fate Weave ends, so if you’d like to try this magical girl out, now is your chance.

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