Eternal City Publisher Faces Massive Backlash After Adding Welfare Unit To Gacha Banner


Yesterday morning, Eternal City – called Forever Seven Days in other regions – announced its new gacha banner. This new gacha banner included two new units, or “Wielders” as they are called in the game, that would be available in the banner. These two units are named “Fennick” and “Coruno” according to the official post on the games Facebook page.

In the picture above is the official art for Coruno on the Eternal City Facebook page. When long time players of the game on other servers saw Coruno on a banner, they started hammering the games publisher, demanding them to change Coruno back into a free welfare unit like he was on previous servers.

With no response from the game’s publisher yet, players have been bombarding multiple different official social media accounts, telling the publisher that they were going to stop playing the game. With some players going as far as to order refunds for everything that they had already purchased in the game.

At the same time, on many of the large fan groups for the game, many fans have been spreading the above picture. Their goal is to help inform unknowing players about what is going on. The big fear for many long-time players is that the games publisher will try to do the same thing to future welfare Wielders, making more and more of them gacha exclusive Wielders.

With no official response from the game’s publisher on the horizon and the update scheduled to go live Thursday morning/ Friday night, it is unknown if Coruno will be changed back to a welfare Wielder. If Coruno is not changed back, then it is likely that most, if not all, of the long-term players of Eternal City that have accounts on other servers will revert back to those servers, if not leave the game entirely. If this happens, the SEA server for Eternal City will be in rocky water, with a high likelihood that it will shut down sooner rather than later.

Only time will tell if this one-month old server will be shut down before any substantial amount of time has passed. I hope that the Eternal City publisher realizes that the community for their game does not want this change and reverts Coruno back to a welfare Wielder.

We here at Your Funnymedia will keep you updated on any new information about Eternal City as it comes.

-All images used in this post are by X.D. Global

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  1. That ushio yuke from eteranal city official group muat retire being a moderator. hes useless. tiny brain person when provoke will kicl you from group. but anyways blocking people means no more seeing of toxic person managing tha page

  2. That ushio yuke from eternal city official group must retire from being a moderator. hes useless. tiny brain person when provoke will kick you out from group. but anyways blocking people means no more seeing of toxic person managing that page

  3. Cheap2Play avatar

    Most likely what’s going to happen is Coruno will stay a Gacha servant, but no other welfares will be. I played a game with a boycott issue, and that was the result. The problem wasn’t retroactively fixed, but the damning procedure wasn’t repeated.

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